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  5. "Το κορίτσι δεν κοιμάται."

"Το κορίτσι δεν κοιμάται."

Translation:The girl is not sleeping.

September 9, 2016



I think the conjugation of this verb was not described well in tips & notes.

κοιμάμαι - κοιμάσαι - κοιμάται - Isn't it some kind of reflexivity like dormirse in Spanish?


Oh, I've found. It's just the passive voice (παθητική φωνή).


With this one, probably more likely middle voice (μέση φωνή).

Passive and middle forms are the same in many cases in Ancient Greek, though, and the two have merged in Modern Greek.

Passive would be for things that are done to you, middle for things you do to yourself.

Incidentally, as far as I know, there are only four verbs (or at least only four common ones) that conjugate like κοιμάμαι:

  • κοιμάμαι "sleep"
  • θυμάμαι "remember"
  • λυπάμαι "regret, be sorry"
  • φοβάμαι "fear, be afraid of"


I used " the girl does not sleep" in an overall strengthening exercise, and it was marked incorrect. I realise that in English there is a difference in meaning, but is there a difference in Greek? Previously i have been able to use "does ..." and "is ..." interchangeably.


Hm, that's odd. "The girl does not sleep" is already one of the alternative translations. Please let us know you come across this one again, and if the translation is still not accepted. ._.


Perhaps I mixed the keyboards. It's happened Before!!


Oh, that might be the case here. Just in case, make sure to always check ^.^


Why ''the girl doesnt sleep'' is not accepted?


It sure is. Please double-check your answer before submitting a report and do submit one it you believe it should have been accepted.


In this exercise you have introduced a selection of new words that haven’t been taught yet. Surely these words should be taught first before being tested ie κοιμαται

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