"To tylko sekunda."

Translation:It is just a second.

September 9, 2016

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Is this the equivalent or similar to the English phrase "just a minute"? Used when someone asks you to do something but you are currently busy?


That would be probably "za moment" "sekundę" "minutkę"

"to tylko sekunda" could work in telling you "it will take only a second", but "minutka=little minute" or "chwila/chwilka" (a moment) would work better.


In conventional English, there is no ’It is‘ preceding ‘Just a second’ so if time is implied, rather than rank (2nd of 8, etc.), different hints would be better.


But it's not "Just a second" as in "Wait a second" (is that what you mean?)

It's a simple declarative sentence which means exactly "This/That/It is just/only a second".


It would be more common in English to say, "It takes only a second," than the translation in this exercise


That actually makes sense to me, looks like a probable interpretation. Added.


Does Duo automatically understand shifted word order? Because "it only takes a second" is probably a more common word order


Very few things are understood automatically by the algorithm and shifted word order is definitely not among them :)

Added "It only takes a second".


It's easy to fall into the pattern of seeing the phrase, equating it with something common in English, then not seeing other contexts in which it would be used. At least for me. I have to work at it in my brain. Like, "Can I check your temperature? It is only a second."


RU: Eto tol'ko sjekunda.


The English here doesn't make sense to me as a native (Hiberno-) English speaker. I'm assuming it's an accurate literal translation of the words, but not the meaning of the phrase, which is still a mystery to me.


The Polish sentence feels natural to me, but I see your point about English. I'd say that the most likely meaning of this sentence is a context like this one: I asked you to do something (help me with something?) and I'm saying that 'it will only take a second'.

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