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  5. "כמה עצמות יש לנו בגוף?"

"כמה עצמות יש לנו בגוף?"

Translation:How many bones do we have in our body?

September 9, 2016


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Seems unnatural to me to combine the plural (we, our) with a singular body. I think it should be "bodies"


It's technically the correct way of writing it. If you write "our bodies" it's suggesting you each have more than one body. Of course, "our bodies" is accepted, since people often speak this way, but we're sticking with the prescriptively correct answer as the best answer.


I'm not entirely sure of that. If I have a sandwich, and you have a sandwich, and we have lunch together, you wouldn't say "We are eating our sandwich," would you?


That must be true in Hebrew, but in English it's the other way around. If you say "our body" in English, it means we all share one body among us all.


Well, it kinda helps that, technically, there isn't an "our" in this sentence. Literally, How many bones do we have in the (human) body? Sounds great translated this way. Right, my gever?


בדרך כלל 206 עצמות


וכמה עצמות של תרנגול... :-)


Haha! Don't chicks have like 1 more since guys lost a rib making Eve?


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