September 9, 2016

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how am i supposed to type with greek letters?


Get a keybourd from settings


my key board does not have greek letters


So install a Greek keyboard :) https://www.duolingo.com/comment/17556409 has some (hopefully helpful) information on finding and installing one.


I traced the pattern of letters on the keyboard to spell omicron as ομιψρον but the result said the correct way to write it is όμικρον although it gave me an Almost correct. Could someone please explain the difference? Thank you very much!


ψ is the letter psi and stands for the sound /ps/.

The English name "omicron" has a "c" in it because the name came to us through Latin, which uses "c" for the /k/ sound. Greek has no "c" letter and so the word is spelled όμικρον, which might have been "omikron" in English if the word had been borrowed directly.

"omipsron" makes no sense.

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    U hv splitscreen in settings, beneath is where u press where its says english and u hold and it pops up ur!languages enabled


    Of all the names of the Greek letters, there's no other with a "c" (not including chi, as that's "hee"). But "κ" as a "c" isn't accepted. So "omiCron" is unusual.

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