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  5. "Mam krótką bluzę."

"Mam krótką bluzę."

Translation:I have a short sweatshirt.

September 9, 2016



why hoodie is no correct ?


A bit colloquial, but ok, added. Technically it's "bluza z kapturem" (with a hood), but in spoken language there's usually no need to specify.


I have a short blouse ... Isn't "bluzę" is blouse in English?


"Blouse" is usually referred to as "bluzka", "bluza" is not really the same.


only if you refer to old fasioned men's garment
> a long loose overgarment that resembles a shirt or smock and is worn especially by workmen, artists, and peasants

>an often somewhat formal shirt for women and girls
is bluzka


What about cardigan? To me a "bluza" is an item of clothing like a sweatshirt but with a zip fastening. Is that right? A sweater or sweatshirt to me is something you pull over your head.


Bluza may be pulled over your head, it may be zipped... English has a surprisingly big number of words for it.

A cardigan is a type of a sweater (sweter), and it can also be simply translated as "kardigan".


So what distinguishes sweter/ek from bluza? The material? Is bluza made from fleece material or cloth of some kind and sweter knitted? What about polar?


Well, "sweter" is usually woolen... I'm not good with the names for clothes. But "sweter" clearly translates to "sweater" and "cardigan" is considered a sweater.

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