"Llawer o ddisgyblion."

Translation:Many pupils.

September 9, 2016

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Are we not using "disgybl" for "student"?



  • Disgybl - A pupil.
  • Disgyblion - Pupils (plural).

  • 'Many ...' -> Llawer + o + (soft mutation) plural...

  • Myfyriwr - A student

  • Myfyrwyr - Students


From an American background, I am unclear as to the distinction between "pupil" and "student." We rarely use the former, and when we do, it is primarily a synonym of the latter.


I am not sure how to make the distinction clearly across different dialects of English, but the words are different in Welsh as in English - see above.

Where you use 'Student' in English, Myfyriwr is the Welsh word to use.


I'm a confused American too. I looked up the difference. Supposedly students are directly enrolled in a school but pupils can be either in a school or have private tutors. The confusion for us Americans is probably that none of us ever had private tutors, so all pupils are also students. Maybe tutors are a rich British thing.


Heh, plenty of Americans have tutors

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