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  5. "Young men write letters."


"Young men write letters."

February 5, 2013



I thought des becomes de before an adjective. So why wouldn't this be de jeunes hommes


That is ambiguous, I would say. "young men write letters" to mean that in general they do it would (in my opinion) better translate in : les hommes jeunes écrivent des lettres. Because the generality bears on "jeunes" (compared with old men who don't).

"young men write letters" to mean that a certain number of them do it (some), would translate in : de jeunes hommes écrivent des lettres". Then the rule of "des" replaced by "de" in front of an adjective would apply.


Why can't I write "Les jeunes hommes écrivent les lettres"? The examples with fruits say "She likes strawberries" equals "Elle aime les fraises" so why can't I use the article "les" here?


Why not "des hommes jeunes" ?


Certain adjectives come before the noun. It is helpful to remember the acronym BAGS: Beauty, Age, "Goodness", Size. Adjectives having to do with those qualities go before the noun.

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