"Az ablakok zárva vannak? Esik az eső!"

Translation:Are the windows closed? It is raining!

September 9, 2016

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I am not 100%ly sure but participle forms are in Hungarian never used in a plural form - except the case, that a participle form is used as a noun.

Because of this sentence above:

"zárva" is an adverbial participle form, which needs a verb to refer on, to describe it. Without a verb it can't be used. And the verb allready takes the meaning of plural in its suffix.

Az ablakok zárva vannak. - The windows are closed.

BUT without a verb you have to use past participle form:

a zárt ablakok - the closed windows.

If I am wrong, please correct me :-)


You are generally correct, but there are exceptions, as almost always. :)

I was just writing about this same thing somewhere else. I recommend reading both of these discussions:

The bottom line:

  • "Zárvák" used to be a valid word, a few hundred years ago. Not anymore. Do not use these words in the plural
  • And these "...-va/ve" words can sometimes stand without a verb (check my second link above). But you are free to always use them with a verb.


Are the windows locked? It is raining. This should be correct. Are the windows closed? would be "Be vannak csukva az ablakok". Bezárva implies locked, with a key or another security device.


Finally some practical sentences :)

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