"I had a life before I came here."

Translation:היו לי חיים לפני שבאתי לפה.

September 9, 2016

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CORRECT pronunciation:

hayú li kháim leefnéi sh-báti le-poh (formal: le-foh)


WRONG AUDIO says: akhaltén et zeh ei pa'am

אכלתן את זה אי פעם

Have you (feminine plural) eaten this ever?


the conjugation of היה is connectet to חיים not to לי I forgot!!!


Wait, the audio here (again) says something else. I just wanted to check if I pronounce it correctly...


היו = אני ??????


the word היו refers to חיים, which is plural


This one is tricky because in English life is singular, but in Hebrew it’s plural.

The good news is that, unlike singular forms of “had”, with plural “had”, you don’t have to think if חיים is masc. or feminine; there’s there’s only one plural form.

Hayu li, hayu lekha, hayu lakh, etc. There were to me, there were to you… In other words I had, you had etc.


Duolingo didn't like my sentence היו לי חיים לפני שבאתי הנה. I reported it. Maybe Duolingo will accept the word הנה in a few years.


Pealim says הנה hine is “here is”. I think this is also the biblical word for behold. The only time I have heard it in modern Hebrew is in the saying Ready or not here I come!

Mevin o lo, hine ani ba!

And as you know, the here in “here I come” is different than the here in I came here.


I remember one of the kibbutzniks calling his dog, saying: "בוא הנה." Oh, and wouldn't "ready" be "mukhan" מוכן?

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