"There are at least twenty children here."

Translation:יש פה לפחות עשרים ילדים.

September 9, 2016

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Can someone explain the word order here? Can these words be used in a different order and still be idiomatic?


why is 20 not accepted?


Usually you can only use numerals in the language you're starting from (in this case, English), not the target language, because those of us learning from scratch need to practise עשרים etc. So if you use the numerals going to Hebrew, then it will likely be marked wrong.

If you use the numerals writing in English and it gets marked wrong, then you should report it. I'm pretty sure those should be accepted.


I liked de idiom "learning from scratch"


refers to the scratch line is a handicap race. - no advantage over the others - no one further back than you


Can one say עשרים ילד? In the same way as 20+ years would use the singular שנה rather than the plural שנים.


Why כָּאן isin't accepted instead of פה?

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