Překlad:Jím snídani na letišti.

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Is there an easy way to tell when it's NA or V beside learning by heart?

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Not really. Czech (or likely any other) students of English are fighting this mutli-headed monster of prepositions as well going the other way. There seems to be no rhyme or reason many times. NA is typically ON as in surface. V usually IN or AT (thought AT is often U)

So, for example when you travel to an island, you are NA Bahamas, Cuba, etc. But you are also NA Florida. Maybe because it is a peninsula? The airport likely is a historical thing. Original airports did not have much of buildings, it was the tarmac, so you were ON ??? I am reaching for straws of logic here. Most other buildings you are V. Wait, you are NA castle... maybe because it is a complex partially opened? We, Czechs, travel on weekends NA CHATU and spend weekend NA CHATĚ, i.e. cottage. Logic? Nope.

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Ha ha yeah #fucklogic

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jim na letisti snidani

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Jim snidani = snidam...Snidam na letisti. Hezky česky.

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Snídám mi to nevzalo !?! Jinde bazírují na překladu THE a tady ho zase nechtějí...

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