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'new' style duolingo

anybody had any trouble with duolingo freezing especially on last question, or before, so all that work successfully accomplished goes acknowledged. Drives me mad . have reported it a few wks ago but no response. Of course it might be my computer.....

February 9, 2014



What type of internet connection are you using? Satellite or are you behind a proxy? Let us know!


sorry but you're getting too technical for me. My connection is BT home hub (UK) on phone line and my computer is an Imac using safari (as server?). Don't spend too much time on it. Just wanted to know if it was just me or anybody else was suffering. Freezing occurred when the 'new' duolingo appeared so i thought that may not be an coincidence. I have finished french duolingo - just returning for revision using the 'strengthen' tests

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