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  5. "The analysis activity."

"The analysis activity."

Translation:Η δραστηριότητα της ανάλυσης.

September 9, 2016



Did you by any chance mean to say "the activity analysis"? Because the sentence as is makes little sense in EN, not to mention no sense in Greek (unless maybe if one is a chemist, and even then seems unnatural).

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It's not possible to change the Greek. But for the Eng. can we use: "the activity analysis" and "The activity of the analysis"?


Hey jaye16. Unfortunately no, as the translation is correct and both the GR and EN sentences are definitely not wrong, both in grammar and syntax, just do not make sense so much I think.

These are two different sentences each with a different meaning. "Η ανάλυση της δραστηριότητας = the activity analysis (or: the analysis of the activity" would sound perfectly normal coming from a biologist for example -let's say (s)he's commenting on some microorganisms' activity/movement/spread after observing them through a microscope and analysing the findings).

Makes much more sense I believe, while as "the activity of the analysis = η δραστηριότητα της ανάλυσης" not so much. Would really love to hear someone comment on this and find a possible real life scenario for the original sentence tho I have to say (would be lovely to have a proper explanation in my head!) :-)

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If we still can't change the Greek, I think "the activity of the analysis" for the En would be better, just to make things a bit clearer. I know that usually in English, we have "owning noun (what would be genitive in Greek) + owned noun", eg "the animal's food", while in Greek the order is reversed. But in this sentence, that produces a fairly nonsensical outcome, whereas η ανάλυση της δραστηριότητας actually makes some kind of sense, so that's always what I end up entering. I think this must be about the fourth or fifth time I've entered that and been marked as incorrect.


Well, this sentence has been deleted, it seems like. It's a ghost. :P At least there won't be such a confusion in the new tree. ^.^

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Thanks Dimitra!

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