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"There is an increase of the quantity."

Translation:Υπάρχει αύξηση της ποσότητας.

September 9, 2016



This sentence sounds quite like a scientific remark, so can definitely use "μία αύξηση" instead of just "αύξηση". In any case it is definitely not wrong to use the article, just depends on the context -which of course is missing here so makes this a bit more tricky :-)


Your point is well taken and it does sound better with "μία" unfortunately, "μία" ισ not in the original sentence which is locked so we can't edit it.


Sorry to hear that. At least now is in the comments so that's good right? :-)


Funnily, three years after jaye16's comment, I tossed in μία and DL slapped my wrist over the stress mark! "Pay attention to the accents. υπάρχει μια αύξηση της ποσότητας." So this sentence was finally unlocked, but still needs the alternative version of μια added as acceptable.


Thanks we'll fix that. While there is a slight difference between "μία (one) and "μια" (a) many Greeks just use them interchangeably...which is not an excuse for not having both of them here. I've added the missing one.

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