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"A piacra megy a villamos vagy a pályaudvarra?"

Translation:Is the tram going to the market or the railway station?

September 9, 2016



What about, "Does the tram go to the market or to the railway station?"


Sure. That's good, too.


Why is it not accepted then?


Here i could not understand that the tram was the subj, the verb is infront of it, so the focus in on the market, that vagy is between the tram and the station, so its confusing... there is any rules about it or should i just go to exclusion to sort it out?


Oh, that's fairly easy. The subject is the only noun that doesn't have any of the (rag-)suffixes or postpositions. Piac and pályaudvar both sport the -ra suffix, so they must be objects.

The focus is on piacra here because it's getting compared to pályaudvarra. Where does the tram go?


Thank you, i'll keep that in mind! :)


Useful sentence!!! :)


If the second "to" is missing (as the program says), than it can mean: who goes to the market the tram or the railway station? It is obviously wrong, therefore I think it is better to use "to" twice.


Does the tram go to the market or to the railway station? Please explain why this isn’t accepted!

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