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  5. "One thousand one evenings"

"One thousand one evenings"

Translation:Một nghìn lẻ một buổi tối

September 9, 2016



The app corrected my wrong answer to "Một nghìn linh một buổi tối".

The linh term was new to me, I'm guessing it equates to lẻ in this context? (1000 and 1).

I was familar with lẻ actually, but hesitated in using it in my answer, due to the English phrase question being "One thousand one evenings" (which omitted the and term too).

Perhaps the English phrase should be updated to include the and, so as to encourage the user to type in am equivalent term in vietnamese.


Gurce i face same problem as you.. well writen comment. Thanks for this


can you explain what lẻ means here?


It means "and" e.g. "one hundred and one" I thought it was optional, but in this question it appears to be mandatory.


not liking this, because 1) it wasn't on the drop-down; and 2) it wasn't even in the English that we were translating from! I don't like it when we're not given a fair chance to get it right the first time around!


How would that work with other numbers? Like, any numeral in English that could take "and #" gets lẻ?


It just means that some digits are not filled; in numbers like 107, 100030, 1200005, etc. I understand it that way.


Some flavours of English outside the US have this rule too. I would always say "one thousand and one" as it reduces ambiguity. e.g. "1000, 1, 2, 3" versus "1001, 2, 3"


A good point! We sometimes practice the inverse way in Russian: when calling a number like 1001 one may say „one thousand one“ in contrast to 1000, 1 as „one thousand exactly, one“.


I think it's easiest to say that it's used when there is a zero in the written number. It is not used if there is a double zero. So it would be used once for 1011, 1101, 10111, 10001, and twice for 10101. That's what my VN employee tells me.


isnt "buổi tối" Night in viet???


Buổi sáng : morning , trưa : noon, chiều : afternoon, tối : evening, đêm : night.


I submitted Một ngàn lẻ một buổi chiều and was marked wrong.

  1. nghìn and ngàn are interchangeable and should be accepted equally
  2. DL has repeatedly told us that buổi chiều means afternoon/evening and buổi tối is night. After being marked wrong for translating evening as buổi chiều I eventually gave in and began putting what DL demanded... only to have DL switch on me.


We are asked to translate from English to Vietnamese The phase "One thousand one evenings." which I did as "Mot nghin mot buoi toi." and was wrong! Why is that? (Okay no accents) I was not asked to translate "One thousand and one evenings." So why am I wrong?


In french : mille et une nuits. Et are and in English.


leaving the & out in the american manner has me misreading the English and I keep missing the final number, in this case one


Wondering if Duo would accept Arabian Nights as a valid translation :)


I agree the sentence should have included and so we know to use lẻ. The sentence in English could have meant a thousand, one evenings

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