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"The departure will be tomorrow."

Translation:Η αναχώρηση θα γίνει αύριο.

September 9, 2016



Η αναχώρηση θα είναι αύριο is a better translation than "θα γίνει" even if the latter is also correct"


I'm guessing that the gutteral γ to replace the ε is a pronunciation issue, to prevent elision between θα and είναι. Mods, is this possible?


Θα γίνει is completely new in This lesson, what does it mean literally plese? I can't hover on it to translate


"Η αναχώρηση είναι αύριο" has also the same meaning and is totally correct. The present tense in Greek can be used to express events that will certainly happen in the future (or even in the past). http://users.sch.gr/ipap/Ellinikos%20Politismos/Yliko/Theoria%20Nea/xronoi-rim-NE.htm

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