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Jego, Go, Niego?

I know that by using ciebie or putting the pronoun before the verb you stress it, but what's the story with jego. go and niego? Dzieki XD

September 9, 2016



You should read about the cases. I recommend using wiktionary to see the different forms. The declension of the third person singular masculine pronoun 'on' in the order nom/gen/dat/acc/ins/loc: on, go/jego/niego, mu/jemu/niemu, go/jego/niego, nim, nim. This means that 'go' is the genitive and accusative form of on. 'niego' is also the genitive and accusative form, but it is only used after prepositions, like this: Mój przyjaciel nie lubi kaczek, więc chodzimy na plażę bez niego / My friend does not like ducks, so we go to the beach without him. Jego is normally used as the third person singular masculine possessive in all cases: Jesteśmy na imprezie w jego domu / We are at a party in his house.

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