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The app and site don't sync! It's very frustrating

February 9, 2014



When I do lessons offline on the app, for the past three times, it doesn't show my progress on the site. In addition,when I want to progress to the next lessons on the app, it says that duolingo couldn't connect.


Same thing happening to me now (2 years after oriwissn commented). I did some lessons offline in the app, and then when I checked on the computer they weren't registered. I logged into the app online and it still shows I completed the lessons I did offline, but it won't synch online. So in the app it shows I've done 1/3 of a topic, online it's 0/3.


The exact same thing is also happening to me one year after that last message. It's unbelievable that something like that still can't be fixed. That was the only reason I signed up for a Pro account. Such a waste of money, the Pro version has basically nothing interesting to offer, apart from getting rid of all those ads! :(


I am having the same issue, and contacting customer service is pretty much useless.


Happening to me 5 years after the original post, lol.


This kind of incompetence is a joke and duolingo's silence in the matter is unacceptable


Hey, I see the messages are pretty old here, and there's just been a new app update... However, it didn't help in my case. The android app is frozen and doesn't show the progress I make on the website. Tried restarting the app, re-installing the app, logging out and in both in the app and on the website - no result. Help!


same here, please help as this is driving me crazy!


Same here the app on my iphone is not syncing with the online version. I just lost a 16 day streak on the app, and only 7 days were on the desktop version. It was close to midnight and I went to my desktop to keep up my streak and I continue to have a streak on my desktop (missing 7 days), but now on my app I lost all 16 days on track because they do not sync. Please help!!!


Yup, streaks really help me stay motivated but some days when I'm busy I can't login to my PC... I wish I could do stuff in the app and keep my score :(

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My streak on android is also different from what the website shows and I know how it happened. They went out of sync when my streak freeze jumped in. My streak was kept on the site but was zeroed on android and they are out of sync since then. But only in the side bar. If I go to my profile on android it displays the same streak value as the website.


Hi, the same thing is happening for me after a recent update. I'll complete a lesson and it will show 10/10 lessons complete and start the next lesson. However, when I open it later, it will have reverted me to 8/10. This happens when I am offline (on the subway). When I am back online, it seems to have preserved my lessons but then later, reverts the progress. It's frustrating because it used to work fine before a recent update.


Syncing from app to site still not ok (Android app, 3.37.2, dec. 2016): finished lessons on app appeared open on site and streak not up-to-date.

Reopening the app did not force a sync. Refreshing site neither (duh). Doing new lessons on the app or the site didn't help either. Logged out from the app and logged in again: the lessons that I already had finished on the app appeared open again on the app (so my changes weren't saved on the app and I lost progress).


Well it is still not fixed. My mobile app does not see any lessons i completed on my the web.

I uninstalled my app data, uninstalled it, reinstalled and after re-login it still claims that i did not do any work today.

Web and mobile app are out of sync.

This is frustrating and kills my urge to learn.

do something about it people!


Try force quit if you still are having this issue. Be well amigo!


I have the exam same issue, I would complete several skills and go on mobile to do some more, but my progress hasn't updated at all whether I force shut the app or not.


I have the app installed on my phone (Motorola Droid X) and a Samsung MP3 player. I can do lessons but they don't 'sync' the lessons completed with the desktop.


Hi! I have experienced the same sync problems about a week ago. I have progressed within the new skills (namely Gerund and Future in Italian) using my notebook, but the progress was not shown in my Android app. I have cleared cache, force stopped app etc., but with no success. So effectively, I cannot progress toward the end of my tree on Android, unless I repeat the missing parts of the skills every time I change the device

When strengthening a particular skill or skills in general, though, the progress is synchronised correctly. Also, the grand total of XP is always in sync, as far as I noticed, even though a part of it is gained from Immersion. Only new skills seem to be a problem.

I hope this problem will be addressed really soon, at it IS annoying, truth to be told :).

Thank you for the otherwise excellent app and excellent idea behind it!


Same for me. iOS 8.1. Newest version of the app. I can work offline with the newest modules but when I come back online it resets back to where I was when I was last online.

The interesting thing is that it does keep my XP from offline work. Just not the completion of any modules.

I tried restarting the app but nothing changed. It seems to be syncing because it updates my offline XP. It just doesn't sync the modules.


I had a very similar issue -- to the point where I couldn't even sign in on the app. I'm pretty sure the app doesn't sync/login over cellular, as once I got home and switched to wifi, I was able to login and everything synced. Hopefully that will help someone else.


I just had a very annoying syncing issue and lost a streak because of it. However, what happened to me may shed some insights on the bug itself, so here goes: I was on a 10+ days streak using mainly the site. On Friday, I used the android app, but while not connected. I made 70xp until the app had no more preloaded content ready (that's another very annoying thing, by the way). So far, so good. Saturday I just used the site, and didn't really pay attention to the xp or streak. Right now, on Sunday, I used the site again, but this time I noticed my streak has been interrupted and is missing a day - Friday. Realizing that day I had been on the app, I thought it made sense and would be fixed by syncing; so I connect my phone to Internet and start the app. To my surprise, the streak is not fixed - which prompted me to search and I found this thread. However, here is the interesting part: nothing I did could fix the issue and give me my Friday xp and repair the streak; so I gave up and started a lesson. As I finished it, the site gave me the usual 10xp, and showed me my progress so far for the day: 80xp! So the app DID sync the received xp, but didn't attribute it for Friday (correct), but for today instead (incorrect) since that's when I sync'ed. Hope this helps fixing the issue somehow.


XP counts in the app and website are not synced either! Infuriating!


I see this discussion has been going on for 3 years & the problem still exists! I lost my rather long streak because of this issue. frustrating that there isn't any progress!


I FOUND A SOLUTION TO THE ISSUE THAT I WAS EXPERIENCING. Previously, I had also had no way to sync my phone with the progress I was making on the computer, although it seemed that my computer was more or less tracking my phone (Android) progress. To get the phone to refresh, the only thing that worked for me was to switch language mode in the phone app. I'm focusing on German now, so all I had to do was switch to Ukrainian and back and my progress (streak, lingots, crowns, units, strength bars...) had totally synced correctly onto my phone. Hopefully this will help someone!


The app from phone and web site DO synchronize, just the Duolingo App from your phone has to be ON under "Mobile Data". So the information from your phone goes to the server, from which both web site and mobile apps get the data :)


That did it for me, thanks!


No now stuck on different language can't get back


Since I only study one language I force quit the Android app and when it came back it was synced. I was online the entire time, yet it wasn't syncing. Just hope to help someone else with this problem because Duo WILL make you redo the lessons otherwise.


I'm on iOS and that doesn't work for me. I lost 4 lessons today and I'm really annoyed about it. I've contacted DL about this several times and they don't seem to care.


Not sure if this has been fixed yet, but I noticed that when I check my settings in the app, it syncs up all information again. I was upset since I would have lost a 53 day streak but upon checking to see if I could fix mobile data settings in app, upon refreshing, everything was back to normal. Not sure if it will work for everyone but was a quick fix for me


I figured out a solution that works for my iOS device. It seems to be an issue of simultaneous sessions. My progress tracks or updates on both the app and the website if I am logged into only one session across all platforms and devices at the time of completing lessons. In other words, when I am completing lessons on my computer via the website, I am logged off in the app on my phone. Additionally, when checking to see if your progress has tracked across platforms, be sure to log out or end your session on one platform before logging in on another. One active session at a time seems to fix this problem for me. Hope this helps others too!


June, 2019. Still happening.


Well, I can see that this issue, at least for me, has not been resolved. The App and Online versions show different progress in particular when it comes to revision: the App and the PC versions want me to practice different things. Given that I do most of my practice on the PC, it is the App that is lagging behind. I have searched for a way to sync the two in Settings, but it just doesn't exist...


Hi, I'm new to Duolingo and just found that my Android and laptop aren't synching either! Very frustrating...


I don't know why Duolingo's software team don't just fix this. It would be so easy...


It is very much not so easy. As a software developer, this is a very VERY complex task. You have to manage the sync between the app and the website quick and make sure that it uses very little data while doing so. While it should be fixed after 3 years (hell, even after 6 months from the first report) it is not easy.


The app literally pulls from the same base as the website. It just displays it differently. Apps are just special websites.


My phone has one identity and my computer has a totally different ones different levels different competence . how do I get them to sync?


Why aren’t my ipad and iphone syncing with my lessons


Nothing syncs between apps on cell phone and tablet and the PC website. Not good!


I had the same issue from time to time, but for me I can solve it by logging out of the app, then logging back in


I know! my app I have 2109 lingots but on the site I only have 217 -- very frustrating


You only have to turn your wifi on in ur phone to syncronize both, mobile and laptop or pc.


Today when I did my online stories, none of my points sync with the App, although the App recognized that I met my goal.


Hi, you need to have both connected to the wifi, then they will sync automatically. Good luck!


Still no resolution to the sync problem? I've used duolingo for a long time and this has never been a problem until now. This is very frustrating as I use both platforms fairly equally. Now I'll have to cut my time in half as I don't want to have to repeat lessons to have them update my progress. Being on wifi and checking account settings, logging out on both, restarting both devices, none of this has worked for me. :-(

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I'm with you on that, it is most frustrating! I have not encountered this problem until these latest changes to the site. And yes, I have researched & done everything suggested, then even had an IT guy try to no avail. This is strictly a Duolingo issue as no other app is effected. We can only hope the IT boys for this site take pity on us. Just curious, has any other android user noticed that Google Play as of today's date April 28/19 is still not offering the newest version 4.6.3 of the app?


April of 2019 and this is still an issue apparently. It’s frustrating. Apparently there is no fix coming.


This is 2020 and this issue is still here...I've done 3/5 of a topic, app is 2/5, then I do one more, so online shows 4/5 and app is 3/5 lol


I'm here because I'm on a 327 day streak. I did a lesson on the web version but when I opened the app, I was still on a 326 day streak. It wouldn't let me do a lesson on the app and it just says that an error occurred.

What fixed it was that I uninstalled the app and reinstalled it again. When I tried to log in, it says that an error occurred. I just tried logging in about three times and it finally worked and my streak was synced.

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