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  5. "What does the man do?"

"What does the man do?"

Translation:Mit csinál a férfi?

September 9, 2016



Mit tesz a férfi?


When to use Mi and when Mit?


mi is used when you are asking about the subject, mit when you are asking about the object.

Here, you're asking about the object -- "The man does ...." -- the "..." that you are asking about is the object of "does", the thing which gets done by the man.


Thank you very much!


csinal a ferfi, ferfi a csinal. No difference.


There are really only two word orders that are acceptable for this question. Mit csinál has to stay together in one piece because the question word needs to come right before the verb. And a férfi has to stay together because the definite article needs to stay with its noun. So you have only two pieces that you can move around: You can say A férfi mit csinál? or Mit csinál a férfi?


Thank you for offering structural understanding!

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