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"Η περιφέρεια είναι μέσα στην ζώνη."

Translation:The district is in the zone.

September 9, 2016



It's in the zone. Yeah! :-)

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I'm old enough to remember how west Germans used this term for East Germany. Some still seem to do it


Can someone explain what this means? I don't see the meaning or the use of this sentence


A district inside a war zone, ticket zone, or any zone that divides a greater region/area into smaller ones.


Give this man a Lingot for this reference


Do these words, περιφέρεια και ζώνη, have a particular use in Greece, like county, township? It's confusing! I would have thought a zone would be small than a district.


Why add "μέσα" when "στνη" is already in the sentence?


I think because σε is a very general prepistion, which basically needs words like μέσα and από to be specific.


The -ν of την is preserved if the following word begins with κ, π, τ, ψ, ξ, γκ , μπ, ντ, τζ, τσ or a vowel. This is from your Tips so I don't understand why the n is present here in στην since ζώνη starts with ζ. Help ! Thank you


I have already answered your question in another discussion here. :)


I understand from threads I've seen on several exercises that it's ok if people include the 'v' even when grammar says it shouldn't be there. But I don't understand why I'm frequently marked as incorrect for dropping it when the grammar says I should. That just seems like a bad editorial decision on Duolingo's part and is confusing for us. My answer to this sentence was "η περιφέρεια είναι μέσα στη ζώνη" and Duolingo marked it as wrong and corrected it to "Η περιφέρεια είναι μέσα στην ζώνη." I've reported it, but just flagging here also.

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