Old browser!

I duolingo from work, which is ok with my company because learning a foreign language is work related!

But the browsers are old (IE) and no longer supported by duolingo since the new upgrade :(

Updating the browser is out of the question as I am not the administrator and the company is so large they cannot make an exception for little old me.

Am I just out of luck or is there a chance that older browsers will again be supported as they were during the recent transition period?

February 9, 2014


Hi wildfood,

I don't know the answer to that, but you might get better responses if you move your post to "troubleshooting".

To do that click “edit” below your post, and than scroll up to the top to choose this section in the drop down menu. Then save.

I tried it twice with negative results. When I hit save nothing happens.

It works :) Just moved this thread into troubleshooting. What version of IE do you use at work? Unfortunately, this may be something out of our control :/

Perhaps you can install a portable browser on your USB memory stick and bring it to work, if USB devices are allowed at your workplace.

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