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  5. "איזו אות זאת?"

"איזו אות זאת?"

Translation:Which letter is that?

September 9, 2016



To my ear, that word sounds like "אוד", no tav at all. How common is that?


Cause it's difficult to pronounce a t and the a z, easier dz or ts.


Well, regressive voicing assimilation taken over from Yiddish habits is obligatory in fast speech in Modern Hebrew, therefore [tz] becomes [dz], not [ts].


Is this really true in Modern Herew that there is a change in pronounciation of sounds for the sake of fast speech, if so, it's killing me! Even though the sentence didn't make sense to me, I thought I was clearly hearing "עוד" (more). I am ok with working on learning how vowels blend into each other as diphthongs, but to change a consonant with a "t" sound in to a "d" sound for the sake of pace, now that's painful to my soul. (sorry for the dramatic response here)


Thank you. English does something similar, I guess, when a written t gets pronounced more like a d. For example, I would pronounce "little bottle" more like "liddle boddle." But I wouldn't talk about "thad zebra." It's interesting how different languages have different natural sound morphing.


The feminine זֹאת and אֵיזוֹ make it clear that אוֹת means letter, not sign, which would be אֵיזֶה אוֹת זֶה.


I noticed that she voices the normally unvoiced tav in front of the voiced zayin.


תשאלי את יוניקוד.


So ת turns into a "d"- sound when the next letter is ז. The audio sounds like: eizo odd sot.

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