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  5. "יפנית היא לא כמו סינית!"

"יפנית היא לא כמו סינית!"

Translation:Japanese is not like Chinese!

September 9, 2016



I’ve studied both and let me tell you, I’ve come across people here who are completely amazed that they’re different. Back when I was in middle school I met a guy who was amazed that Japanese and Chinese people couldn’t understand each other’s languages, and in high school when I demonstrated the differences in sound to a few of my peers they were astounded to discover how incredibly different they sounded.

For the record: Japanese has a more fluent rhythm and a phonology that makes it sound like a mix between Spanish, Italian, and Finnish, more or less. Chinese is more sing-songy with heavier syllables. Also, syntax-wise they are very different, with Japanese using subject-object-verb and Chinese using subject-verb-object (with some odd caveats).


oh that's really stupid. I know absolutely nothing in either of those languages but would never say that they are similar, they're from completely different lang families


They are somewhat similar. Enough so that Japanese can pick out words. You wouldn't get the same result if you asked a Japanese speaker to translate sentences from Russian or French. Those are completely dissimilar. YouTuber "that Japanese man Yuta" asked Japanese people on the street, if they can read Chinese sentences (Cantonese) , he is trying to do a separate video for Mandarin. https://youtu.be/-E6vHCT0wpw


One of Japanese writing systems consists of Chinese characters...


They are similar, but not the same. Japanese definitely has similarities, the writing is based on Chinese. Here's a good explanation: how Japanese overloaded Chinese characters: https://youtu.be/CF3MRMBjd20


As a native Chinese speaker, I agree with you. Japanese characters are derived from Chinese characters, but these languages are pronunced totally differently


they are like french and finnish. Diferrent language families but both write in Chinese caracters

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