"We read books."

Translation:Chúng tôi đọc những quyển sách.

September 9, 2016



So one time is quyen sach and one time it's con sach... and they sound nearly the same... how do you know which to use?

January 21, 2019


I also have this question. Are they interchangeable? Or, is one for plurals and one is for singular forms?


Wait what's the point of Quyen if we still have to use Cac?

I understand that Cac is an inanimate object classifier, but I'm not getting the point of Quyen or Qui if they're just classifier


Just say sách. No reason for quyền or cuốn


I think to demonstrate this exercise a little more coherently, it should've read "We read the books" to emphasise the use of quyển/cuốn in this sentence. (Even though the article isn't needed in English.)

I believe the two are logically identical (with and without the classifier)


"Books" and "the books" are not the same in English. "The books" references particular books presumed in the context to be known and identified. "Books" does not have this meaning.


Hey Kaneusta, when you're specifying a specific number whether there is one book (một) or many books (các/những), you must have a classifier to accompany it (quyển/ cuốn).


Apart from whatever this means in Vietnamese, the use of the article makes a meaningful difference in English.


Sách = book Personally i think Article = văn kiện (in a journal, etc. Not in newspaper) and bài báo (used in newspaper)


What does nhung mean? (As in classifier?)


It's just an indication. By putting những or các before the classifier or the noun means that there is more than one item or person.

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