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Course description of "diphtongs"

The ABC skill lists the following "diphtongs" in Greek:

ΜΠ μπ = sounds like b

ΝΤ ντ = sounds like d

ΓΚ γκ = sounds like g

ΓΓ γγ = sound like ng

ΤΣ τσ = sounds like ts

ΤΖ τζ = sounds like tz

If I haven't forgotten what I learned in primary school, a diphtong is a combination of vowels, e.g. ey, ow, oy, etc. Is there an entirely different set of linguistic terms in Greek?

September 9, 2016



Those are digraphs, not diphthongs, in English. According to Wikipedia it's a false friend.

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Yes, we messed that up didn't we. What you learned in primary school is exactly as the Notes should have read. It was only after we were in Beta that we noticed or to tell the truth a learner pointed it out as you have now. Unfortunately, we can't edit the Notes at this point. While the description was wrong the general idea is that the two letters form a new pronunciation. This error is another reason I'm spending a good deal of time on editing the course and not much on the Forums or Discussions. Thanks again let us know anything else you may come across.


Aren't those usually called "double consonants"? I was also under the impression that diphthongs were a combination of vowels only.


double consonants are two of the same consonant.

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