"The crepes' recipes?"

Translation:Les recettes de crêpes ?

February 5, 2013

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I am confused. I thought des would be used a crepes is plural


I saw an awesome answer for this question, but I don't remember it well. Something about this "crêpes" falling under the cathegory of a Topic. Apparently topics are escorted by "de" and not "des", I suppose for the same reason that it would be silly to talk about recipes for some crepes instead of recipes for crepes. The example given by the other user was "Game of Thrones". I call this now the Game of Thrones rule, and it sticked.


Thanks. I can see what you are getting at.


Seems like it should be to me as well. Des is used in place of de les. The apostrophe comes after the s in crêpes' so it is plural. Therefore des .


my answer was with des and I was marked correct....what is the real answer


It should be des crepes, right?

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