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"the letter alpha"

Translation:το γράμμα α

September 9, 2016



I can't get past this question. It asks for the translation and I pick the correct answer (actually I've picked all three and all three say they are incorrect).....so I can't get past this step.


It says to mark all the correct answers. So the answers are το γράμμα άλφα (the letter alfa) and το γράμμα α (the letter a).


There are two correct answers. It says to mark all correct answers so you need to check them both. It works, if you do that.


same here....maybe it just needs a new update or needs to be fixed???


how are we supposed to type in Greek on an english keyboard?


get it as close as possible


Still exercised by the problem of no greek keyboard. I can translate into english but how can I translate into greek. Am I being dim here?


same here, just reported it


this is hard there should be a botton where we can click so we can it in the letters of are native lange


But then you would not be learning Greek!


I don't have a Greek key board


I like... couldn't type it correctly on this laptop


this is sort of confusing but I understand because greek is still in beta


This web site looks like a scam. The translation "the letter alpha" shows as two possibilities as the number 1 or number 3 and each time this selection is made it keeps giving the same answers as correct and making your" correct" answers as wrong. Then it starts deducting from your progress and shoving you back along the little thermometer. So you never get paster this. So you never progress. Is there some ulterior motive to frustrate you or is this to never let you learn anything beyond "the letter alpha" I would love to know from the users of this website. Then a red message says "Stop the clutter. Please do not report mistakes here and read comments below before posting". Well the comments below are from people and reflect equally perplexed folks who cannot past this question "the letter alpha" either. So now


i pick the correct answer and it said that i was wrong

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