"ypsilon and hymn"

Translation:υ και ύμνος

September 9, 2016

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I type in Greek exactly as the answer is given and still the system do not accept my answer and because of this I can't move ahead. How to solve this problem?


You will have to describe your problem in detail, I think. For instance, I wrote ύψιλον και ύμνος, and it was accepted in spite of the fact that duolingo wants only υ και ύμνος


How am I supposed to write Greek -.-


I am using an android phone and simply set one of my four keyboards to Ελληνικά (greek)



It's the top-most sticky in the "Greek" forum.


ya, my computer is not a greek one, i dont have the greek alphabet, it is only on phone you can get this special key board


I have the greek keyboard, but how do I write that "s" at the end? Hitting the "s" makes an σ. I'm also confused about this letter in general; why does it only appear at the end of words? I Thought it was a sigma, but it seems to be separate from σ/Σ


Capital sigma only has one form Σ, but when it is lowercase, it has two forms - ς at the end of words, σ everywhere else.

The final sigma is usually on the (unshifted) W key.

As for why lowercase sigma has two forms? Presumably tradition.


It ain't just sigma. Today's letter "s" used to be a final form, too! The other "s" is today known as a "long s". It can be found as half of ß, the other half being an "s".


Yeah..sometimes I like confuse with the lowercase and uppercase..and sometimes confuse with the accent too..greek it's hard..but I like it!


it says i have it wrong even though i dont. any suggestions?


Hi, not sure if you found out yet, but just tap the flag after the grading and ut allows you to alert the people who manage the lessons.


Okay, this is serious, why don't the course move up? I' m doing alpha, omicron N ananas for 6 levels, now.


You can test out of any skill if you are already familiar with its content. :)


So...obviously a misunderstanding, but σίγμα τελικό I thought meant the σ was used at the end of a word while ς was used at the beginning of a word..? May i ask what I'm missing please? Thank you!


I can type the letters, but how do I type type accents?


υψιλον (psee is with ι) and ψυχη ,,(psee is with υ) this is so confusing why ???


η ι υ ει οι all used to be pronounced differently in Ancient Greek, which is why they have different spellings.

In Modern Greek, they're all pronounced identically as /i/, but Greek still uses historical spellings.

Like in English with "ee" versus "ea", which used to be distinct, but not "meet" and "meat" sound identical to almost all speakers, and you just have to learn which word is spelled how.

There are no rules of the kind "if it comes after the letter ... then it's spelled ...".


Non riesco a scrivere in greco

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