"A gyerekek felszállnak a hosszú vonatra."

Translation:The children get on the long train.

September 9, 2016

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'A gyerekek beszállnak a hosszú vonatba' is also means same?


I think that in Hungarian, as in English, you ride "on" the train, not "in" the train, so you get "onto" the train and not "into" it. Similarly with aeroplanes and trams, but unlike cars.


Yes, you travel "on" the train but, nevertheless, you can "beszállni a vonatba". It is not bad at all. You can also do that with buses and aeroplanes, etc., if you want. With cars, that is your only choice. With trams, I would stick with "felszállni", for some reason.


Interesting that you say that: I would say "beszáll az autóba" but not "beszáll a vonatba".


Yes, you would normally say "felszáll a vonatra", but I can imagine "beszáll a vonatba", as well. It is not bad. What would be bad is "felszáll az autóra".

Check these out:

(you can search for "beszáll a vonatba").

"Beszáll a vonatba" makes much more sense in modern railway stations where the platform is level with the floor of the train cars, so you just walk on board.


yes, as I said, to my ears, "beszáll a vonatba" sounds weird, but "felszáll az autóra" would definitely be wrong... I guess it has something to do with the physical movement...


The children board the long train. Why is that not equivalent? Board was marked wrong! This many years and you haven’t fixed this!


I have some good news: "The children board the long train" was added as accepted 2 years ago.


When The children board got accepted, did they un-allow Children get...?


the children are getting up onto the long train was not accepted

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