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  5. "Το νούμερο μου."

"Το νούμερο μου."

Translation:My number.

September 9, 2016



I imagine there is a slight difference between αριθμός and νούμερο. What might that be?


αριθμόςis the word for number in mathematics and always the correct word : μονοί, ζυγοί αριθμοί/ odd, even numbers etc. Also: αριθμός ταυτότητας/ identification number etc. Ο αριθμός των θυμάτων/ the number of victims. I would not use νούμερο in these cases.

τυχερό νούμερο/ lucky number, νούμερο τηλεφώνου/ phone number and things like that but you can also use αριθμός. Size is νούμερο


Number viewed as a cardinality/quantity is called αρυθμός, while number viewed as an algebraic object/general purpose index is called νούμερο?


What do you mean??? I do not understand you at all. Both cardinal and algebraic numbers are αριθμοί in Greek or

1.cardinal number = πληθικός αριθμός was introduced by G. Cantor to measure the size of sets

  1. algebraic number = αλγεβρικός αριθμός

ΟΡΙΣΜΟΣ Ένας αριθμός α καλείται αλγεβρικός αν είναι ρίζα ενός μη μηδενικού πολυωνύμου με ρητές συντελετές

DEFINITION: Α number α is called algebraic if it is a root of a non-zero polynomial with rational coefficients


Both have the same meaning :)

I noticed that we hadn't added αριθμός as alternative. It has been corrected!


Does that omission mean that αριθμός is less frequently used?


Quite the opposite. Νούμερο is often used for numbers that come on series, as in clothes or shoes sizes, the number of a ticket for a queue, the number of a train, etc.


And it should of course be το νούμερό μου since νούμερο is somehow considered to be one word with its suffix μου and then the accent on -ού- is too far away. In Finnish the noun is even written together with the possessive suffix numeroni, the -ni is μου/ my


This is also true for Turkish and Hungarian for example.


is it just me or is it tough to hear the mou ??


It's not just you. Even in the slowed down version it was tough for me to make it out.


I can only hear the m from μου


the program should accept numeral as a translation for "voumero". All it will accept is number.


I feel like 'numeral' would make a difference here (in this particular case) in English.

Number is a count or a measurement.

Numeral a symbol or name that stands for a number.

The number is our idea, and the numeral is the way of expressing it.

Here, I feel like we are referring to the idea rather than the actual numeral. That is just my opinion though. ^.^

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