"Він студент?"

Translation:Is he a student?

September 9, 2016

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    Is the у pronouced like the portuguese u?


    It's pronounced like English "oo" in "food". Not sure whether it's the same as the portuguese u.


    As a brazilian I can say it's pretty much the same sound.


    Its quite confusing.


    What exactly, if I may?

    in Ukrainian we tend to omit the verb "to be":

    Tom is a cat - Том кіт.

    I'm a programmer - Я програміст

    He's a good student - Він добрий студент

    Was that bit confusing or was it something else? It's actually one of the rare cases when Ukrainian is kind of easier :) "He good student" sounds like a terrible over-simplified and unnatural English, but this is how we say it in Ukrainian (Він добрий студент) and it sounds perfectly natural. Please note you can say it with "є" (is) as well: Він є добрий студент, and it sounds ok to many native speakers from Western Ukraine. It sounds weird to me though, as I'm from Northern Ukraine. You can say Він є добрим студентом in any dialect of Ukrainian, it uses the Instrumental case for "добрий студент" = "добрим студентом". It sounds rather formal to me, but natural. Best practice - just omit "to be" in the present tense. There are some exceptions, but they're rare.


    can you give me the difference between the sentence positive and the question, please ! the words are in the same order ? thanks F


    The word order is the same. The question has a different intonation, an upward inflection.

    He is a student. = Він студент.

    Is he a student? = Він студент?

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