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  5. "Він студент?"

"Він студент?"

Translation:Is he a student?

September 9, 2016


[deactivated user]

    Is the у pronouced like the portuguese u?

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    It's pronounced like English "oo" in "food". Not sure whether it's the same as the portuguese u.


    As a brazilian I can say it's pretty much the same sound.


    Its quite confusing.

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    What exactly, if I may?

    in Ukrainian we tend to omit the verb "to be":

    Tom is a cat - Том кіт.

    I'm a programmer - Я програміст

    He's a good student - Він добрий студент

    Was that bit confusing or was it something else? It actually one of the rare features that makes it easier for you, not more complicated :)

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