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  5. "היא נמוכה."

"היא נמוכה."

Translation:She is short.

September 9, 2016



What's the different between short נמוחה and short קצר? They seem to be used interchangeably here


short - קצר - is used when talking about the length of something (this is a short skirt - זו חצאית קצרה), the opposite of it, long, is ארוך (for example, she have long hair - יש לה שיער ארוך).

short - נמוך - is used when talking about the height of something (isn't he a bit short for his age? - האם הוא לא נמוך מעט לגילו?), the opposite of it - tall - is גבוה (for example, this is a tall tree - זה עץ גבוה).

masc singular - קצר, ארוך, נמוך, גבוה; masc plural - קצרים, ארוכים, נמוכים, גבוהים; fem singular - קצרה, ארוכה, נמוכה, גבוהה; fem plural - קצרות, ארוכות, נמוכות, גבוהות.


What about a tree that has been cut down and is laying horizontally next to the road? Would you say: זה עץ ארוך ---> That is a long tree? Because in this case you are not referring to its height but to its length.


Honestly, I do not think I've ever seen a tree cut off and left by the side of the road. But theoretically, I suppose so..? It may be more accurate to say that the tree trunk\log (גֶּזַע הַעֵץ or just הַגֶּזַע in short) is long ...


What I had in mind is the situation where woodworkers are cleaning up the forest. They pull out of the forest the trees which they have cut and are storing them horizontally, waiting for a truck to collect them. And it happens that one of the trees is much longer than the other ones...


I really don't think one would see such a sight in Israel (but maybe I'm wrong). Anyhow, I still think that the best way to express this is by referring to the length of the tree trunk


So, to conclude, is the best way to say it in this case: This is a long trunk ---> זה גֶּזַע ארוך ?


Lol, never mind, the answer is yes, or at the very least, that's the only logical way that comes to my mind to describe such a thing..


Something strange happened here: my daughter switched accounts and I (Patrick4Hebrew2) posted this using by mistake her account...


It happens with extreme weather conditions or really old trees too. I have seen it for another reason, the tree roots spread so far that threatened underground utilises & structures (plumbing, electrical & housing). We had it done because of the health of tree & it's size there was a worry it would crash into the house.


Yes, if the tree is lying I'd find it more natural to treat is as ארוך/קצר.


Such a pain, I was thinking the same thing. Duolingo Hebrew vocab on Memrise just had it as short - so months ago I memorized munchkin cats... To now be wrong! Now it'll be a munchkin cats fabric, too short for a mini skirt!


What are the male and female pronunciations of the word "short"?


Masculine - namuch, feminine - nemucha.


Why does the recorded audio voice make it sound like being short is a bad thing? The vocal inflection of this phrase stands out and as a result differentiates too easily from the phrase translated "she is tall" - meaning simply that one can tell these two phrases apart just by the different inflections.


Since נמוכה can mean short or low, can this phrase be used to refer to behavior. Like in English we can say, "That was really low" to mean someone did something bad.


Not really used in Hebrew for evil or mean, but you can use תרבות נמוכה as the opposite of high-brow culture.


Good to know. Thank you.


Why 'modest' is not an option?


Why should "modest" be an option? נמוך simply means short (in height).


It's not only skirts, it's short length (vs height). So if you went to your tailor to take out the seam (because your kid grew) you could say the pants length is too short.

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