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Idea: Motivate lessons and translations using a browser extension that would estimate the percentage of the current web page that you would understand based on what you have learned via Duolingo.

If the web page is already in your native language or is not in the language you are learning, then a bot could translate it to the language you are learning (unobtrusively in the background) in order to give you this estimate.

In addition to this estimate, the extension could perhaps, on demand, color code the sentences to indicate how well you would understand each one if it were written in the language you are learning.

February 5, 2013

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I sort of like this however I'd prefer if this hypothetical extension replaced only nouns that duolingo had already introduced (regardless of their strength) as I think translation mistakes from bots are virtually non-existant when only translation nouns thus reducing the probability of bad translations which do nothing to help learning

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