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  5. "הקושי יורד."

"הקושי יורד."

Translation:The difficulty is going down.

September 10, 2016



The meaning is definitely "(the task) is getting easier". The subject is "הקושי" and "יורד" is a participle.

It might be slightly less ambiguous in English as "the difficulty is decreasing", or "the difficulty is diminishing", both of which have narrower, less transitive interpretations.


I'm not clear what this means. Does it mean that it is becoming less difficult? If so, I would say something in English like "the difficulty level is going down" or "it is becoming less difficult." The translation shown, by itself, would mean to be that "going down" is the difficulty; i.e., it's hard to go down.


This is not an idiom or something. The meaning here is unclear without any context.


'The difficulty is decreasing' would be the more natural way to say this in English.


DL is now accepting, "The difficulty is decreasing."


i entered the difficulty decreases and it was NOT accepted... ugh...


Wouldn't 'The difficulty diminishes' be better English than 'going down'?


I agree. Or perhaps 'decreases' or 'lessens', as others have pointed out. 'going down in not very colloquial English in this particular context.


this is not english -


I used 'lessening'. NOBODY says 'the difficulty is falling! Who translates these things? Certainly not native English speakers!


If יורד means decreasing I don't understand why it is used with rain and hail e.g. יורד גשם

Intuitively I thought this would mean "The difficulties are raining down" (meaning that they are increasing). Perhaps that would be יורד קושי


If you think of "יורד" as "descending" it makes it a bit less confusing.

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