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In new update, unable to practice subjects I haven't finished yet. :(

The new duolingo design doesn't let you practice words and sentences learned in subjects I haven't finished yet. For example, I haven't finished "Adverbs 2" in German ( i am on lesson 9 [the last lesson]). And having 9 lessons, it is very hard to finish or learn it at all. Everyday I try to do at least 1 lesson in progress forward, and I review what I learned the day before and week and such. But, sadly, I cannot do this while I am still in a subject I haven't finished. Today I cannot practice the words from "Adverbs - 2". :( (well, I can, because I can type in the browser "https://www.duolingo.com/skill/de/Adverbs-2/practice" . But I would rather not do that all the time.)

Please fix this!

By removing it, you removed one of the most important part of learning anything, practicing what you learned last time.

February 9, 2014



Yes. "You can't practice it until you've learned it" is not good, uh, practice.


XD not being able to practic isn't good practice, but is also not bad practice :P .I like you picture! is it a painting by Norman Rockwell?


I also am missing the practice button in the unfinished skills :(

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