"A házaknak barna ajtajuk van ebben a városban."

Translation:The houses have brown doors in this city.

September 10, 2016



This sounds really weird in English. The prepositional phrase needs to be put right after "houses": The houses in this city have brown doors.

September 10, 2016


The Hungarian sentence is not as weird but it could also be rearranged and may sound better that way:
"Ebben a városban a házaknak barna ajtajuk van."
"A házaknak ebben a városban barna ajtajuk van."

September 19, 2016


Well, the English sentence suggests something like that the houses move from city to city, and depending on where they're located at any given moment, they have different colored doors - like somehow the city magically determines door color. Does it suggest something similar in the Hungarian sentence?

September 19, 2016


That is very interesting to know, thank you.
No, I don't think the Hungarian sentence suggests that. Probably because the word order is more flexible anyway, so people don't find it that peculiar. But, of course, in the appropriate context ("The History of the Wandering Houses"), it could be understood that way.

September 20, 2016


Not necessarily

August 23, 2018


We learned ajtó for "door", right? Is ajta just slightly different way to say door, or does the -juk ending change the vowel?

December 14, 2017


There are a couple of words ending on -ó or -ő that can change that vowel to -a or -e, respectively, when given a 3rd-person possessive suffix or any of the plural possessive suffixes. It's often optional, but the irregular form generally sounds better:

  • az ajtó (the door) - az ajtaja/ajtója (its door)
  • a szülő (the parent) - a szüleim/szülőim (my parents)
  • a tető (the roof) - a tetejük/tetőjük (their roof)
  • az idő (the time) - az ideje (his time)

But it's always ajtóm, ajtód, ajtónk, and ajtótok.

March 23, 2018


To me it sounds like "this" could be emphasized so that the meaning is that unlike other cities the houses here all have brown doors and the residents are proud of it.

November 30, 2017
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