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  5. "Le vin est bon."

"Le vin est bon."

Translation:The wine is good.

February 5, 2013



What is the difference between bon and bien?


"bon" is good(adjective) and "bien" is well(adverb). So "le vin est bon" = the wine is good. And "tres bien, merci" = very well, thanks


"Very well" is actually very weird English. Where's the verb that "well" applies to?


Es and Est always give me a hard time. Any way to determine which to use?

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Any time you have a sentence of the type, "the _ is ...", the verb form must be third-person singular. So you need to know how to conjugate verbs in both English and in French. Start with ĂȘtre (to be) and avoir (to have).

  • je suis = I am. j'ai = I have
  • Tu es = you are. Tu as = you have ("tu" is singular, familiar form of "you")
  • Il/Elle est = he/she is. Il/Elle a = he/she has
  • Nous sommes = we are. Nous avons = We have.
  • Vous ĂȘtes = you are. Vous avez = you are ("vous" may be either singular or plural "you")
  • Ils/Elles sont = they are. Ils/Elles ont = they have


why bonne is wrong?


Bon is the masculine form of good, and bonne is the feminine form. Vin/Wine is masculine in french, therefore bon is used. :) You can also reference that it used the male "le" for 'the'.


Bonne bon bonnes and bons. How do we use these.


Feminine singular, masculine singular, feminine plural, masculine plural, respectively.


I thought bon was candy?


No, that's bonbon.

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