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The Ukrainian Language Portal [UNDER CONSTRUCTION]

Hi! This is a post where you can find out a whole load of references to the Ukrainian, including grammar, alphabet, free resources, listening comprehension and more!

About Ukrainian

Here you can learn all about the beautiful language that you have decided to learn. Ukrainian is an east Slavic language spoken by about 40M primarily in western and central Ukraine and is considered as melodic as Italian or French!

Ukrainian Grammar Portal

This is a great resource for learners of the Ukrainian language, it includes explanations on verbs, cases, alphabet and more!

Dictionaries and Conjugators

These are works in progress, they will be closer to completion at a later date!


Here you can find a list of FREE resources to help you in your Ukrainian language journey!

Phrasebook [Coming Soon]

A free online phrasebook so you can learn Ukrainian (and a smidgen of Russian) for your trip to Ukraine!


This post will include dialogues, activity sheets and short stories written in Ukrainian with the aim of helping you understand more of the Ukrainian language!


Here you can find some great resources for learning the Ukrainian language!


Here are a list of clubs for the Ukrainian language. If you want to add yours, comment your code below!

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September 10, 2016



Дякую <3 Ви найкращі ! Я дуже люблю українську мову, отже це чудово <3


Дякую! Я теж люблю це :D


ти знаєш російську, адже володію російською та англійською вільно, і я не роблю погано на українській мові і я говорю тобі MihaiRedWaddle і я американська дівчина 9 років


Good job, американська дівчина 9 років! I respect young boys and girls who want to know more and develop themselves more. Good luck to you in learning languages and whatever else you want to learn.


Did you write it yourself?


I just wanted you to know what a wonderful resource this is to learners everywhere. Once it is finished, I think it should be stickied. :) Also, I see your open discussions and was wondering if I could help make some of the posts? I'm not an expert but would be happy to help if possible, especially on the Kyiv vs. Kiev and Comparing Ukrainian to other Slavic Languages.


To answer your questions;

  • It's already sticked (Woop woop!)
  • The open discussions will be on the discussion forums where people can discuss things (it will be up after the portal is finished) Help will be gladly accepted! XD
  • I've seen the website, but I think the Read Ukrainian! section is the most relevant :)


Kyiv vs. Kiev? The both words are correct, BUT... The main difference contains from which language do you translate. If you translate from Ukrainian language then correct solution is "Kyiv" (because it is sounds more correctly and also because the gramatic rules), in same time from the Russian language it translates like "Kiev"... That is all difference between of this two words. P.S. In pronunciation you can do like "Ky-jiv"


how can i know my code?


(Unofficial) Duolingo Ukrainian Stories have been launched: https://carex.uber.space/stories/index.html?lang=uk&lang_base=en


why cant i get any tips on some og the things


what do you need help with?


You're really doing a great job with this, especially for the "Back To The Grammar Portal" which is really a chic touch. Well done and well-doing! ;]


Thank you very much. Your comments are very kind :) Are you considering learning Ukrainian?


I'm learning Russian right now and I would like to master it so that I would manage to understand some Ukrainian too. I've done the first skill though and learnt its alphabet.

However, I think I'll move on learning it because I love the fact that it's very similar to Russian and I don't usually get confused between languages, even if they're similar to each other. And well, with your posts if will be a pleasant stroll!

So, yeah, thanks for the input!


No problem. If you have any questions; Just leave a comment on the portal, despite my streak(s) I'm pretty active and will try to answer your questions as soon as I can. Have a nice day :)


GREAT! thank you!! a model for the other duo languages!


and have a lingot!


Thanks so much! You're really kind!


У посиланні на цю сторінку у першому уроці є пробіл. Сторінка автоматично не відкривається. "c omment"


Так люди провалили розділи коментарів


Та нічого. Видалити його та все буде ОК.


Персонел Duolingo тільки робить це


How are you? aaaa


TseDanylo - молодець!


Дуже дякую!


Нема за що! - Never mind (Not at all).


Thank you so much for all the hard work done!


I would like to joun some of Ukrainian language clubs, add me please - LeiniTa


Thanks for the resources! Without it it would be much more difficult to learn.


I would like if it were in spanish


Готовий покращувати курс для української мови.


Great resources, I just found them. Hooray!


я знаю голландську англійську, китайську та шведську, мені 11 років


I love this language, the only problem is that the lessons are not avaiable in italian language



Ukrainian Grammar Portal [UNDER CONSTRUCTION] TseDanyloXD 11 11 10 10 9 9 8 8 8 7 7 6 6 5 5 4 3 3 3 2 34 Hi! This is a grammar reference for the people who are learning Ukrainian and want to find a quick and easy way to review grammar. I will try to post regularly and the links will be added onto the bullet points below. If there is anything you want to be added to the list, please comment below.

About Ukrainian

VIDEO:All About Ukrainian What is Ukrainian? Why bother learn Ukrainian? How similar ARE Ukrainian and Russian? How similar ARE Ukrainian and Polish? How similar is Ukrainian to other Slavic languages? Ukrainian Dialects Introduction

GET PRANKED Ukrainian Alphabet Overview of Ukrainian Grammar Glossary of Grammatical Terms Verbs

Personal Pronouns Present Tense Transitive Verbs Dative Verbs Reflexive Verbs Past Tense Future Tense Conditional Tense Verb Aspects Nouns

Gender [Advanced] Adjectives and Gender Agreement Comparitives Superlatives Forming the Plural Possesive Pronouns Hard, Soft and Mixed Masculine [Animate] Masculine [Inanimate] Feminine Neuter I'm GOING TO* leave the last few posts in this section until the Cases section is complete :)


Overview of cases Case Endings The Nominative Case Genitive Dative Accusative Instrumental Locative Vocative Resources

Below are some great resources for learning Ukrainian!


Olga Reznikova - Ukrainian Youtuber Kids TV in Ukrainian Molode Radio TED Talks with Ukrainian subtitles Ukrainian Podcasts Online Courses

A small Ukrainian course by Wikibooks Free PDF File of "Teach Yourself Ukrainian" Read Ukrainian! In Depth Course Dealing With Stress and Inotation in Ukrainian Dictionaries

Ukrainian Dictionary with full conjugations of nouns and verbs FREE Online Games

Learn To Write Cursive Ukrainian All The Verbs of Motion Free Interactive Games Surface Languages Ukrainian Course Babadum - A fun game site Grammar

Grammar Reference Memrise

Memrise Ukrainian Page Ukrainian For Those Who Cannot - My beginners memrise course Once the portal is closer to completion these will be added.

Open Discussions [COMING SOON]

Kyiv VS. Kiev? Mixing Latin and Cyrillic Letters Russianisms Polishisms Comparing Ukrainian To Other Slavic Languages Bonus Skills Ukrainian Phrasebook [COMING SOON]

Greetings & Introductions Language Problems Conversation About You Getting Around At a Restaurant At The Doctors Numbers and Amounts Days, Months, Dates Basic Colliquial Russian Ukrainian Listening Comprehension [COMING SOON]


Vlada shows us her city The animals in a Kyivan zoo!


It would help if you had something useful to say instead of spamming up a community post for people who want to learn


ZacharyMon7, your statement is horrendous. Wären Sie bitte so freundlich, Ihre Äußerung zu löschen?


This comment is just so much better that it is in German :DD


Dear Grace19977, I guess the reason is that you`re no German. There are different ways to express firm politeness according to the rules and situation. In my opinion, nobody wants to read a comment which pollutes an honest activity.

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