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  5. "Το σωστό"

"Το σωστό"

Translation:The correct one

September 10, 2016


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Correct as an adjective by itself would not take an article in English... "Correct" or "Right" would be proper instead of "The correct". Thank you for putting the course together.


Better: "the correct one".

If you leave off the noun, you generally have to put a dummy noun "one(s)" in an English sentence ("the black one and the green ones"), whereas many other languages can simply put the adjectives there (ο μαύρος και οι πράσινοι).


FYI: "whereas many other languages": Portuguese included, as in "o preto e os verdes"... (ο μαυρός και οι πράσινοι).


Yes, in English we can do that only in the plural. So "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" can only mean "The Good People, The Bad People and The Ugly People", and not "The Good Person, The Bad Person and The Ugly Person".

As you say, Greek and many other languages can use this construction not only in the plural but also in the singular.


Κάνε το σωστό! would indeed translate to Do the right thing!/Do the correct thing!


I believe that would be: "Η σωστή πράγμα".


πράγμα is neuter, like most nouns in -μα.

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