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The portuguese voice over sounds robotic.

Is the final version of the portuguese going to have more of a realistic sounding person pronouncing everything? It's hard for me to understand her.

February 5, 2013


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Please fix the voice speaker..it really needs it.


I agree that the Portuguese voice needs to be improved.


I haven't tried the other languages on duolingo. Do the others not sound robotic? Some words are hard to understand even when slowed down.


The other languages do not sound robotic.


English for Portuguese speakers kind of does...


The Italian voice sounds exhausted.


Did you notice? That voice sounds like chocolate to me rsrsrs

Portuguese woman sounds like a friend I have....


Unfortunately I must agree, the voice is so difficult to understand I can't even progress with the track at all, whereas the Italian is extremely clear and faithful.


Still? And I had such high hopes learning Portuguese through Duolingo.


I agree, I know no portuguese and wanted to learn but . . . I can't understand the pronunciation!


I sure hope so. The non-beta French and Spanish appear to sue real speakers, not a computer generated voice.


I suppose that's because duolingo uses BETA for Portugese ...? :/


I would love for the portugese voice over to sound more realistic, I cannot tell the difference between when it says Ele or Ela.


I agree this voice is so robotic. Please make it better!


The Portuguese voice is terrible. Please fix this.


I will likely give up if the pronunciation of the automated voice continues to sound computer generated.


Still waiting for the voice to change.


I think this site is a little better, http://imtranslator.net/translate-and-speak/ Or you also can buy this software, and buy real voices: http://nextup.com/ I hope I've helped ;)

Miguel [skype: miguel.alexandre36]


um pouco melhor


As a native portuguese (Brazilian) speaker I highly recommend duolingo to do MAJOR improvements on the portuguese voice speaker. Trust me, it's far from being realistic, some words are sounding weird and not at all true. Portuguese is a read-as-you-write (most of the times) kind of language and some words when pronounced are sounding a lot like it's someone from a foreign country trying to speak the language.


Do you think it is a good beginning, until I find someone who speaks it? And if this is the only portuguese I hear until I get to Brazil, will I be able to communicate and will they be able to understand me at all??


i think duo is better for reading, writing, and especially grammar, but it's not great for speaking or listening. You really need to get used to saying the words, you can say them along with duolingo i suppose, but understanding the way words flow and the way natives speak just takes time.


"read as you write" is called "phonetic"


the Spanish voice is much more pleasant and easier to understand. I get things wrong in Portuguese because I can't understand the robot voice at all.


Hah, so true....7 times so far i thought ela was ele because i couldn't understand the voice.


The Spanish one pronounces "habla" like "aobla" - my son is a native Spanish speaker and he couldn't tell what it was supposed to be saying either.


I know.I can't understand some of the stuff said so I have to press the speak slowly button.


its true! it could be improved


I'm not sure, but I think they might be using the Google translate API to do the voice overs, which would explain the robotic nature of the sound. In other words, the words are recorded individually and strung together on demand, as opposed to being recorded as full sentences, with a natural sounding diction.


I tried out the Google Translate site for Portuguese and it sounds a lot better than the voice that Duolingo is using. Perhaps some native speakers could assist and record some new audio.


congratulations on the number of languages you seem to be proficient in. very impressive.


Thank you very much. I think it's more a case of having an obsession than anything else. ;-)


This is my first time learning portuguese, so I don't know what is the right pronunciation, but as a beginner I am enjoying my first words. Any way I would appreciate any improvement to what we have now.


Eu não sei mas o que você fala é verdade. Eu acho que o portugues do computador não é muito bom. Algumas palavras não se dizem assim.


Is there any news when/if improvement will happen?


Still robotic. Nothing like French, German, or Spanish.


portuguese is the most beautiful language i have ever heard.


Português é amor, Português é vida <3


I agree the word for bread sounds nothing like it.


It sounds like pom.Is it supposed to sound like that?


I am brazilian and I cannot understand many things that are said, even after hearing it slowly. I can only imagine the frustration of the the learners in here...


I am American and my Brazilian friends said the same. I have always thought that the voice is hard to understand. Thanks for feeling for us.


Agreed. The synthetic voice is very hard to listen to. Italian has a native speaker's voice and is much easier to pick up. Portuguese is a beautiful language…do it justice, Duolingo!


I love you duolingo, but there is no way I can learn Portuguese with that stephen hawking voice.


You should hear the Italian. It sounds like a 1894 record player mated with some old radio.


For real. Its like really breaking it down.


i find the spoken portuguese voice very unpleasant to listen to, with poor audio quality, robotic sounding (as mentioned) and difficult to understand clearly. please replace it!


yeh i hope this will change soon, it is a big shame it is so robotic


+1 on this. I really think that the voice needs to be improved on this course. I have been finding it quite difficult to understand on the spoken only questions, though this could be because I am only just beginning this language :D


aha! I guess I'm not the only one who is having trouble understanding the voice over! I even had to skip one because I had no idea what is was saying! I need to get good at this before I go volunteer at the world cup!


I agree. I'm having trouble trying to mimic the pronunciation of words like "sao" because the voice kinds of mangles it all up.


are you going to volunteer at the world cup by any chance?


I enjoy Portuguese music (Ceu) and TV shows (Cidade dos Homens) and I was excited to start learning Brazilian Portuguese alongside with French. The voice is appalling and I simply can't understand it. I fully believe that Duo is a fantastic platform, but this voice? No.


Still not fixed? Whats the point of having a language if its basically useless, because its unintelligible? Some Portuguese speaker please help fix this. I want to speak Portuguese, but I don't want to sound like a robot, when I do it.


I'm not sure Portuguese speakers in general can help fix it. What can we do to help?


Has duoLingo responded to this issue at all? The voice it's so bad that native that my Brazilian friends even have a hard time understanding it sometimes. I know there are good Brazilian accent simulators out there. I just got a samsung update on my phone and it sounds great. I don't know much about programming, but can it really be that hard to implement a decent, non-robotic, understandable text-to-voice generator?


Hopefully, yes. Even if I'm not learning that language. :) But I tried it.


it's much easier to understand in spanish!


Guys, this is still a Beta version - which means a robotic voice.. They will soon release Andriod app and after that hopefully Portuguese will be released from Beta ;)


it's out of beta and it still sounds robotic


Agree. I was hoping for a better result after they changed it too. :/


Yup, very much robotic, just like on Google Translate. Will just use Duolingo for Spanish and French then.


So, is it good to for learning ? :o


It is excellent for learning, but to learn pronunciation you may want to find an additional source.


Such as Idahosa Ness :D


I just started learning English from Portuguese to add a layer of learning (and though it would be easy, but surprisingly, it can be difficult at times). An example of robot voice too bad would be the English phrase "My parents drink coffee." Both "my" and "parents" are slightly garbled.


Extremely difficult to understand the Speaker....A cool additive would be if they offered the European way to say the phrase also.


Agreed. German and Spanish are much, much better, but Portuguese is much more difficult BECAUSE of the voice.


muito bom !!!!!!!!!!


quero o curso portugues\italian em linguagem portuguesa


That's kinda true! I sometimes, but most of the time, I understand her!


As a portuguese native from Portugal, must say that the voice speaks with brasilian accent and very robotic.Even i have some trouble understanding some words.


O menino sounds like "oh my pen**"


Yeah. O homen is so messed up I got it wrong every time I got a listen and type question.


It sounded like o hom e.


I am getting used to it. The more I practice the more it seems kind of natural.


Well overstated, but I also agree.


Quem quiser conversar comigo, é só entrar em contato comigo. Pois eu falo português


I just did a little of the German lessons. It sounds much better. Not robotic at all. It'd be great if that got fixed.


A native speaker would be great for the audio! Although I am thankful for any audio at all!


Once I sent them a "support" message trying to figure out a way to help with this. I was never answered....


That's because the voice is synthesized or robotic. They couldn't find a native brazilian or portuguese speaker, so they used a voice synthesizer. You're right, it does not sound at all native or natural.


It's almost ridiculous how unrealistic this voice sounds. Hire a native speaker to pronounce the words!


its true the voice sounds robotic

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