"He is not my enemy, but my friend."

Translation:Αυτός δεν είναι εχθρός μου αλλά φίλος μου.

September 10, 2016



Hi! My answer is close to the suggested one, except is has the article ο before enemy and friend. It was marked as wrong. Why doesn't the article work here?

September 10, 2016


It is not very common because it sounds like "my boyfriend". It is strange, but if you want to say "my friend eats" you don't literally say "ο φίλος μου τρώει" but "ένας φίλος μου τρώει", literally "a friend of mine eats". If that friend is present, then it's ok (but it can still sound a bit like boyfriend). I'd rather say "αυτός ο φίλος μου τρώει"

September 20, 2016


Although it is not very common it is correct :)

September 16, 2016


Definite articles aren't necessary here?

September 28, 2017
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