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"The child said that he wanted a strawberry."

Translation:Το παιδί είπε ότι θέλει μία φράουλα.

September 10, 2016



Is "Το παιδί είπε ότι ήθελε μια φράουλα." wrong?

What is the sequence of tenses in Greek in indirect speech?

Is it like in Esperanto, where you would use the present tense if the original quote was in the present tense?


No, it is our mistake. I will correct it :)


I had the same question. Thanks.


It's still marked wrong. FYI, I was in Strengthen Skills.


FYI, it's still being marked as incorrect under Strengthening Skills. Feb. 16. 2017.


This is one of those "zombie" sentences. Sentences that have been fixed or removed that can't be found in the incubator, yet they still appear on Strengthen. We are not quite sure how we can solve this problem just yet, but we are well aware of it. Thank you for your comment, and your patience! ^.^

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