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  5. "Мой отпуск - в конце июля."

"Мой отпуск - в конце июля."

Translation:My vacation is at the end of July.

September 10, 2016



Mnemonic: Cancer (конце) can end your life.


That's a good one, thanks!


What's wrong with holidays?


What's the difference between the dashes «-», «–» and «—»? I used the middle length one ( – ), and Duo marked as a typo, with the smallest one ( - ) in the answer. Can someone kindly explain their differences and usages?


The one used in print is the long dash («—»), but almost everyone on the Internet uses the hyphen («-») because other types aren’t easily available on the keyboard. The middle dash shouldn’t be marked wrong either. By the way, in this sentence the dash isn’t necessary at all unless you want to make an emphasis on something («мой» or «в конце июля»).


I didnt even know there are three different types of horizontal dashes. I was assuming the hifen sign as the correct character for these cases and Word-like processors would change it to a long one just for making it clear there is a hifen there that is not used in word binding like i did with "Word-like". Well, that may make me go back to my own language's grammar book for checking hehehe (Portuguese)


is июля etc accusative or genitive?


Why can't it be : my vacation WAS at the end of July? There must be a case that I'm not seeing


I believe that should be "мой отпуск был в конце июля"


I answered correctly, but there were no dashes at all in my answer choices. Why was I counted as wrong?


I put trip and got marked wrong. I still think it's a better word than vacation.

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