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"A madár leszáll a folyóra és vadászik."

Translation:The bird lands on the river and hunts.

September 10, 2016



Welcome to today's edition of "memorize the the typo"


Do some birds land on rivers while hunting? I've mostly seen them swoop down, drive-by style, but I'm no ornithologist.


Birds of prey usually go for the diving-style hunting, but for instance ducks tend to hunt for fish and insects (and breadcrumbs) in a calmer manner.


When I use my microphone instead of typing and don't notice a space I have a wrong answer, for example "on to "which Duo wants to be answered as "onto." Is that such a big difference? However sometimes I get a green correct answer only with a comment that I need to pay attention to accent marks or that I used a wrong word which is a typo Today my mic turned ugrik into ubrik and that was considered correct with the admonishon that I used the wrong word.


The difference Duo makes is this: did you just mistype a word, or did you spell a different actual word?

"On to" is two valid English words which.. don't work in most sentences that use "onto", so that's considered a mistake because the programme thinks you translated wrong.

Saying "ubrik" instead of ugrik just gets registered as a typo because the former is not a Hungarian word.

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