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Course 'Tips and Notes' - a reminder about the course notes (updated early August 2020)

Just a reminder that Duolingo has 'Tips and Notes' for the language patterns, background information and so on to support most sections of the course. If you read these before starting on a new section you will find them helpful in understanding more about the topic before you begin. They also point out any known problems with the section and with the course in general that we have not yet been able to fix. We try and keep them updated with common questions that we notice from feedback in reporting and in the discussions.

If you are using the web-based version of Duolingo, you can get to the notes simply by clicking the 'Tips' button on the pop-up that appears after you have clicked on the button to launch a course 'skill' or section.

As at mid-March 2019, the notes for the Welsh course are not available through the mobile app, but they can be accessed if you have a web browser on your mobile device and an internet connection:

  • Using your web browser, go to duolingo.com and log on, then choose your course. (Note that you may need to make your browser show the desktop/full version of the web pages, or make it open the link in a new tab, or alter your device or browser settings so that it does not launch the Duolingo app). Once on the course navigation screen, you can click on the icon for a section, then click on the word 'Tips' in the pop-up window to see the notes for the section.

  • A full set of the notes is here - https://duome.eu/tips/en/cy - if you take a copy for off-line use, remember to go back and refresh it from time to time to get the latest version. (Note - the 'duome' links are to a site not run by Duolingo, but kindly run by a third party.) The notes are also available if you go to https://duome.eu/yourusername/progress (putting your own userid instead of 'yourusername') and click on the lightbulb icon on each line. That will show you the course notes for that section of the course.

  • You can also go to the notes directly if you know the URL name of the course section. You will see the URL if you have used the 'Tips' button to get to the notes. For example, the notes for the section 'Greetings 1' are available here - https://www.duolingo.com/skill/cy/Greetings-1/tips-and-notes.

September 10, 2016



I don't know if it helps but I have put the Duolingo-webbside as a bookmark on my android phone, next to my app-icon for Duo. By doing so I can easily switch between the two. I choose the web-vesion whenever I need the notes, otherwise I choose the app.

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