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  5. "Który kot jest twój?"

"Który kot jest twój?"

Translation:Which cat is yours?

September 10, 2016



Is cat some kind of a national animal of Poland? It seems to be mentioned throughout the course at least as often as moose in the swedish course :)


The flag of Poland has a coat of arms with a fish in a t shirt on one side and a duck eating cookies on the other. ;)


no the national animal is a boczan


what is the difference between "który" "jakie" "co" ?


"który" = masculine form of "which"

"jakie" = neuter singular or 'not masculine personal plural' form of "what" as in "what kind of"

"co" = the basic word for "what" as in "what are you doing"


could it not be: which is your cat?


Just to clarify, would "Który jest twój kot?" be grammatical and/or mean the same thing?

And in the case of demonstratives, is it that you can't leave them alone like you can in English? Eg. "Który jest ten kot?" vs (*)"Który kot jest ten?"


Twoj isnt in instrumental here.

Why is that?

There ARE two nouns both sides of jest, no? Or maybe twoj isnt a eligible for it.

Would which cat is your animal have had twoj in instrumental?


Could this be written as "Który twój kot jest?"

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