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Split of sentence in translations

Quite often, when I try to practice using the Immersion feature of Duolingo and translate some real texts, I come across with sentences that have been incorrectly split. The way they make them almost impossible to be propery translated. For instance, this happens with dots after abbreviations that are seen as an end of sentence, but also with new lines characters. These sentences should be joined back together before they can be translated, and I think that Duolingo should provide a way so the human translators could fix that kind of errors. It could be so simple as adding a button to "Join to prev sentence"...

February 9, 2014

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I'm just facing this problem right now....

I'd like to mend them on my own too, mainly because an automatic detection of these cases would be very complicated.

I reported this to Duolingo, and I hope they will find it a good idea.

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