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Adding students that already have an account

Is there a way to add students to my classroom who already have a duolingo account?

September 10, 2016

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Just follow the steps below to add your students. Hey to let you know, your students always have to have a Duolingo account to be added to any classroom

1) Go to your classroom.

2) You will find the 'Add Student' option towards the top-right of the screen.

3) There are some methods provided by Duolingo mentioned on the page. E-mail the link to your students' mails out copy and paste the classroom link.

4) Choose on the option you feel is the most convenient and you will be directed by Duolingo Schools from here. :)

Here is the Duolingo Schools help page in case you are looking for further guidance. :)

One request: Please do not share the classroom link with your students on the Duolingo website, you might find unknown and unwanted members joining your classroom.

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