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  5. "Our own husbands."

"Our own husbands."

Translation:Οι δικοί μας άντρες.

September 10, 2016



Is the word order "Οι άντρες δικοί μας" also acceptable?


No it would not be right. This word order "οι άντρες (είναι-omitted) δικοί μας" means something like "we take the men/the men are for us/the men are ours". For example if you say "τα μολύβια δικά μου, τα στύλο δικά σου" means "I take the pencils, you take the pens". And there is a verb "είναι" that is omitted in the above sentences.


what is the diference between ''οι αντρες είναι δικοι μας'' and ''Οι δικοί μας άντρες''?


The same as between "The men/husbands are our own" and "our own husbands".

One is a sentence, the other just a noun phrase.


Η δική vs. Οι δικοί --what's the difference?


In pronunciation? None at all.

In grammar, η δική is used when the thing owned is feminine and singular, and οι δικοί is used when the thing owned is masculine and plural.

  • ο δικός μου πατέρας = my own father (m.sg.)
  • η δική μου μητέρα = my own mother (f.sg.)
  • το δικό μου παιδί = my own child (n.sg.)
  • οι δικοί μου παππούδες = my own grandfathers (m.pl.)
  • οι δικές μου γιαγιάδες = my own grandmothers (f.pl.)
  • τα δικά μου εγγόνια = my own grandchildren (n.pl.)


Thanks. I just started plurals and saw that "tips notes" has a breakdown of masc., fem., neuter (singular and plural). Ρίξτε μια Lingot --Have a lingot!

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